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Classic DOS/Windows Games

IP Address Lookup

Keyboard shortcuts

F5 - Refresh

Windows 10

CTRL+s - Save
Alt+Tab - Switches to next application
Shift+Alt+Tab - Switches to previous application
Windows+Down Arrow - minimizes window
Windows+Up Arrow - maximizes window
Windows+Left Arrow - Page fits to left side
Windows+Left Arrow - Page fits to right side

Browser / Edge

Alt+Home - takes you to home page
CTRL+T - New tab
CTRL+W - Close current tab
CTRL+Tab - Moves to next tab
Shift+CTRL+Tab - Moves to previous tab


F9 - Sync Notes
CTRL+M - Indent Line
Shift+CTRL+M - Remove Indent on Line
Shift+CTRL+C - Insert checkbox
Updated - 2020-09-06